Bad Berries

by KOJI®
July 14, 2020
September 1, 2020
  • Blueberry + Salt + Time
  • Try it in a jar or a sealed bag.
  • They even freeze well!


i actually made this ferment quite a while back, 2019, so sort of forgot what i was going to write here.

i mean, i didn't have anything planned out for it. just some general idea that fermenting blueberries is a good idea. they're tasty, they're funky. still sweet, some savory.

you can put them on different things.

🌽 corn on the cob.

🍨 vanilla gelato.

🍦 ice cream.

🐖 sous vide pork chops.

"write it like a boomer," i told myself.

freeze the berries, they keep well..


oh, so we can do this one without things like proper punctuation and proofing and having to read it over in our heads until it sounds just right there like that.

then send it out and write PLEASE PRINT for the kid.

so i wrote it bad.

Do It


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