Don't Call It Cranberry Sauce

by KOJI®
December 15, 2019
September 1, 2020
  • It's a great introduction to fermenting things in honey
  • Two superfoods in a probiotic dream
  • "It's like a pickle! Just put it on the turkey."


Smash the berries put 'em in a jar with honey. Read on!

If you like this, it seems unlikely you'll keep just one jar on the counter.

🦠These honey ferments have their way of multiplying.

Magically turning into jars of honey and fresno chiles.
Honey and pomegranate seeds.
Honey and garlic.

It's fascinating to watch, the honey gets thinner, the ferments liven up.

You can bring a jar to a party and explain how it's not cranberry sauce.

But it is, a little.

"It's like a pickle!"

Just put it on the turkey, Daniel.

💥Don't forget to burp the jar, especially early on.

🥫Still love the canned stuff tho. Hey you can have it all.

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